Two Survivors Craft Stylish Accessories I Adore!

Two Survivors Craft Stylish Accessories I Adore!

As published at Honey Good

By Susan “Honey” Good

One day, not so long ago. I received a heartwarming message from a woman I did not know on my Facebook page. She explained her mission and left her phone number and name. Her company creates products for women who have had surgeries and are going through chemotherapy.

As many of you already know, I myself am a cancer survivor.  And so, without hesitation, I picked up the phone and placed a call to Lesley Foreman, one of two female founders of an amazing, inspiring and successful company for women, by women, called BWell11. I was immediately glad that I took my time to make the call!

It is my privilege and pleasure to write about BWell11 and give it the “Seal of Approval.”

Bwell 11 introduces the first stylish & multi-functional swim separates that offer coverage YOU can control in a bathing suit

When two childhood girlfriends, Lesley Foreman and Jami Weiman,  celebrated their 50th birthdays, along with all the trials and tribulations that life brings, they decided to launch a swimwear collection that serves up stylish offerings for women like them… women who had successfully battled illnesses and come out on the other side as well as women still in the battle. Because, feeling confident and comfortable helps make every fight a bit more bearable, doesn’t it?

Bwell11 offers a collection swim separates that have been designed with wellness, vitality and personal style in mind. And let’s not forget, innovation, darlings!

Bandtastik (pictured above) is a multi-functional swimwear cover up that can be worn in 7 amazing ways. Add it to any bathing suit to conceal chest or abdominal ports and pouches, wear it over your bust or just below to keep drains in place, or wear around your waist. Plus, the fabrics are luxurious, resilient, and, of course, chic!

Shop the Bandtastik collection here! 

The Bandiva collection (pictured above) is ideal for concealing vulnerable scalps caused by chemotherapy, Alopecia or other medical issues. Hair and scalp are protected in a a manner that is oh-so-fashionable.

You can tie and wrap the Bandiva in any manner you choose. Create volume if you like or invent your own look with the Bandiva wrap.  And, just like the Bandtastik collection, Bandiva fabrics are luxurious, resilient, and stylish.

Are you aware, darlings, that February is Cancer Prevention Month? In honor of this month, and cancer prevention, a very dear cause to Lesley, Jami and me, Bwell11 is offering 15% off all orders with the code CANCERPREVENTION.

I love these ladies, I love their story, and I love this collection. Because, after all, it’s not what we fight against in life that defines us, it’s how we handle the battle.  These two women have turned their trials into tribulations, and done so with style to spare.

What do you think of the Bwell11 collection? Will you purchase something for yourself or perhaps a loved one or dear friend that would find these products to be a Godsend? You can comment below or connect with me on FacebookTwitter and even Instagram. Let’s chat!

P.S. You can also enter to WIN a special gift from Bwell11 and below. Good luck, darlings!