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At Bwell 11, we know just how challenging (and frustrating!) it can be to find products you can trust when it comes to coverage and confidence. We love and trust our products from the inside out, and we know you will too. What’s more, we are always happy to get your feedback and give you ideas on how to use our products. If you have any questions about Bandtastik™ and Bandiva™, we’ll be happy to answer them. So if the answer you are looking for isn’t on this page, just get in touch and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

What is the inspiration behind Bwell 11 and your collection?

That’s a great question, and one we are always very passionate to answer. At Bwell 11, we understand from experience how serious medical treatments can dramatically affect a woman’s emotional well-being. The need to conceal and cover, and the limited choices in the market, can often make her feel like she is out of options when it comes to looking and feeling great. With this in mind, we have developed fashionable and elegant cover up separates that give you back your sense of style and a renewed feeling of confidence. We all deserve to feel and look our best, and Bwell 11 separates give you back that freedom.

Who are Bwell 11 separates designed for?

Bwell 11 separates are designed for any woman who needs a little extra help with coverage. These are accessories without boundaries and the only limit is how you choose to wear yours. Whether you need to conceal ports or pouches, protect your scalp or hair, or you simply want an elegant way to jazz up your swimsuit, our separates are for you. There is also a serious side to our “coverage you control” philosophy. Our separates are designed to give women in the midst of or coming out of medical treatment the freedom to conceal and cover vulnerable areas easily. That was our primary mission, but it just so happened that we found many other great uses for our products along the way! As a result, these stylish products are now useful for absolutely any woman.

Will Bandiva work for me?

Yes! If you are looking for that extra coverage when swimming with friends, with family at the beach or simply relaxing at home, Bandiva is the perfect cover for the head and hair. Not only is it ideal for women wanting to conceal and protect the scalp, but it is also useful for protecting hair from the onslaught of wind, salt, sand and heat.

Is Bandtastik easy to wear?

We designed Bandtastik with style, elegance and versatility in mind. In a few simple movements, you can adjust Bandtastik to cover a port, conceal tummy fat or pull down to create the boy short effect that is so in style right now. The choice is yours! Made from high quality, luxurious  fabrics as resilient as you are, our elegant swimsuit cover up has been extensively tested in salt water, chlorine, heat and the washing process. Take a look at our videos for all the inspiration you need to look and feel your best.

Will Bandtastik cover what I need it to cover?

Absolutely. We have come up with at least 6 ways for you to wear Bandtastik, and that list just keeps on growing. Whether you need to conceal the signs of medical treatments or unveil your distinctly individual style, Bandtastik will give you coverage you can control and trust. Take a look at our videos for all the inspiration you need to look and feel your best.

How will I know which size to choose when ordering my Bandtastik?

We know how frustrating it can be to find clothing and accessories in the right size. That is why we have worked to size our separates as accurately as possible and to give you all the information you need to choose the most appropriate size for you. Here is a quick guide to Bandtastik sizing; and don’t forget you can return any item in accordance with our returns policy.

Size Numeric Size
1 0-6
2 8-12
3 14-18

Will your separates stay in place?

Both Bandiva and Bandtastik have been thoroughly tested to ensure they are the perfect fit for a wide variety of sizes and body types. Both can be adjusted easily when worn to suit your personal style and individual body shape.

Will people be looking at me?

Maybe, but it will be for all the right reasons! Be sure to point them in our direction when they ask where you found your fabulous and stylish separates! Our products are designed to help you step out into the world again with renewed confidence, and without worrying about judgmental eyes or curious stares. We can’t do anything about those appreciative glances! You may just have to live with those.

Will I be comfortable?

We go out of our way to ensure comfort is a top priority when designing and creating our products. Our separates are extremely comfortable and are made from high quality, swim resistant fabrics that are as resilient as you are. The fabrics we use offer just enough compression to stay where they need to be without feeling restrictive or tight. You can even scrunch or ruche Bandtastik to adjust its look and placement according to your individual needs. Fed up with the too tight or too loose, old school bathing cap? Bandiva offers the utmost in comfort, coverage and protection, and can also be adjusted to suit your style.

Can I buy Bandiva and Bandtastik as gifts?

It can be hard to choose a gift that is both appropriate and thoughtful for your friend or family member going through medical treatment. Bandtastik and Bandiva make fantastic gifts that show your loved one just how much you care.

Who did your photography, makeup and jewelry?

Photography by Marita Poll Images | Makeup by Jen Z’s Beauty Services, Jennifer Zanotti Ori | Jewelry by Marika Rudy Studios